Welcome everybody to Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival 2007!

With parts of the Arab world continuing to dominate the news, our understanding of this region and its cultures is invariably framed and limited by images of war and conflict. Yet it is a region extraordinarily rich in music, dance, literature, film and other cultural expressions. The Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival partnership is proud to present this annual event, showcasing and celebrating cultural achievements from across the Arab world and its diaspora. Artistic representation this year comes from Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, France, America and Britain.

We launch the festival on Family Day with performances by El Tanbura, playing their traditional 'Pharaonic' funk, and American/Yemeni rapper Hagage AJ Masaed, one of the first musicians to combine Arabic music and language with rap. The festival finale weekend includes spectacular performances by leading international artist Marcel Khalife in concert with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, and renowned Yemeni musicians Abdulatif Yagoub and Ahmed Taher on stage with DuOud who combine their North African heritage with the latest in Western technology.

Once again we are grateful to our funders, Arts Council England North West and Liverpool Culture Company, and to all of our supporters who continue to make the festival possible.

May you delight in Arab arts and culture!

Ngozi Ikoku
Festival Manager

Dedicated to the memory of Mai Ghoussoub (1952-2007) artist, author and playwright.

Did you know?.....Raqs sharqi or 'eastern dance' is the Egyptian dance form referred to as 'belly-dancing'. It was made popular in the 1940s through Egyptian films and popularised further by Turkish musicians & dancers.

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